What is a Micro Wedding? The Benefits and Why You Should Have One

What are Micro Weddings? 

A wedding on Koh Tao with the bride and groom walking through the streets

With everything going on in the world at the moment, having any kind of wedding may seem like a bit of a daunting prospect. Add social distancing rules to the normal rules of planning a wedding and it could well make for an interesting and frustrating journey.

Don’t fret too much though because we do have a solution for you!   Yes, that’s right, micro weddings. Even before the pandemic, micro weddings were growing increasingly popular with couples.

Let’s look at what a Micro Wedding is and examine some of the benefits.


They are not elopements

During the course of planning a wedding, you would be hard pressed to find a couple who hasn’t joked or even threatened to throw it all in and elope instead.

You can see the appeal – just you and your significant other, running away, no stress, no drama, job done. Today, elopements are rarely done in secret but are a planned celebration with just the wedded couple in attendance.

A micro wedding is different from an elopement. There is still all the planning that comes with a traditional wedding, but on a much smaller scale.

Many couples decide to host their micro wedding overseas and turn it into a wedding and much needed honeymoon in the sun as well as a holiday for their close friends and family.


A small group of close friends and family at the micro wedding of a bridal couple on Koh Tao.


Close friends and relatives only

Guest lists for weddings can become a stressful process.  The need to invite anyone and everyone you have ever had contact with can really weigh heavily but it is honestly not necessary. There can also be pressure piled on by parents to invite extended family and friends.

Micro weddings generally only have up to 30 guests.  This can drastically cut down the expectation to invite people you hardly know, plus it means you can really focus on sharing your special day with only your nearest and dearest.

This can be one of the most meaningful reasons to have a micro wedding.  It is a totally intimate affair and sharing that with the ones closest to you is truly special.

(To help you decide on who makes the cut, take a look at our infographic on inviting guests to your destination wedding).



Have it your way

With a micro wedding being on a smaller scale, there is much more scope to be able to design it exactly the way you want.

If you don’t want a religious ceremony, don’t have one! If you want to get married at a specific location, not necessarily chosen for weddings, get a license and go for it!

You can have flowers galore or choose to not to even have a bouquet. If you want, you can even choose to have your beloved pet with you as you say, ‘I do’.

Just imagine, instead of a huge reception, you could have an intimate dinner, barbecue or a picnic. Remember, this day is about what you and your partner want.



Large, traditional weddings these days can cost £30,000+, very easily.  When things do eventually get back to ‘normal’, do you want to spend an average years’ salary on your big day?

By cutting down on guest numbers and with a small ceremony and reception, you could save money for other things further down the line.  A smaller wedding means that it could also be more meaningful and arguably, better quality.

Just think of some of the little ‘extras’ you could include in your celebrations by reducing your guest list. You may be able to afford your dream dress after all, include fireworks, have an abundance of florals, or, even be able to offer luxury goodie bags for your guests.


A planner with experience

A wedding planner is your biggest asset – they have the knowledge and skill to make your day unique.  Not only do they have relationships with suppliers that will be most suited to you, they will be able to guide you and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  A planner will consider all the little details, things that you would never even consider until it’s too late. Their experience will ensure that nothing is missed, so all you need to do is concentrate on is enjoying your day without a care in the world!  


If you’d like some insider knowledge and help, contact Caroline at Forever Lovestruck here and get started on planning your amazing Micro Wedding in Thailand!