Planning your wedding? 7 Reasons you need a website for a well organised event.

Why you need a wedding website specifically for your wedding

To have a wedding website or not to have a wedding website, that is the question. The thing is, like it or not, we are all going digital in pretty much all aspects of our lives, from social media networking, to shopping for groceries online. Should we expect weddings to be any different?

Now, you might be more of a traditionalist and want to keep your nuptials off the net, but we have some cool reasons listed below about why you should consider having a wedding website after all.

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Inform Everyone at Once

So, the wedding date is set, you’ve booked the venue, you even have the finalised menu from the caterers. Now, to let all your guests know.

A wedding website is fantastic for those couples who don’t want to be sending tons of things out with their formal invitations.

Things like dates, times, locations, directions, menu options and other details that may not have even been decided upon yet, can be uploaded, step by step, to website. In just a few clicks all your invitees can access the information at their convenience.


Speaking of all that information, a wedding website is a fantastic resource for keeping it all together in one place.

Most of these sites have great planning tools to help you easily keep on top of everything for your wedding day. From keeping tabs on your guest list to drawing up an entire timeline for the day, most wedding websites will have you covered!


Track RSVP’s

One of the most irritating things for couples planning their wedding is waiting for the very few guests that never RSVP without constant nagging.

With a wedding website, this process might just be made a little more bearable by the RSVP form that can be sent out. Guests just have to fill it in and click, and it gets sent straight back. Couldn’t be be easier, right?

Budget Savvy

If you don’t want to send out hundreds of paper save the dates and wedding invitations, why should you have to?

Having the ability to send and track your RSVPs online cuts all that out. It’s also better for the environment. Use the extra cash for something else in your wedding, or better yet, your honeymoon!


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Your Story

Everyone loves a love story, and this is where a wedding website will come into its own.

Upload photos and videos, tell people how you met, etc. The point is you can really make a wedding website personal to you.

Password Protection

Concerned about the security of all your details?

Worry not, as all wedding websites will be password protected and completely secure.  You can set your wedding to ‘private’ so only the attendees can view the site. There are even some that allow you to change what information certain guests are able to access. This is especially helpful if you have organised exclusive events for the key people in your wedding party that other guests are not involved in.

Real Time Updates

Updating your guests on important changes can be a tedious operation.

With a wedding website however, it can be done within minutes and your guests can be alerted straightaway. Pretty nifty, right? No more ringing around.

There are so many more reasons why you really need a wedding website, but these are the ones that stood out to us the most. So, what do you think?

We’ve picked out 3 of the most popular wedding website builders that are used right now:

Wedding Woo

We love this wedding website builder as according to couples, it really is simple to use, plus it has all kinds of customisable widgets so you can truly make it your own. These are some of the other
fabulous features:

  • Online RSVP forms
  • Can add videos, images, and music
  • No cookie cutter templates
  • Use across all devices with app
  • Password protected
  • 7-day free trial, then $49 for 1 year, $69 for 2 years


The Knot

This builder really gets our vote because of its extensive planning tools! Tick off your checklists and all sorts in this one! Here are some of its other features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Easy to use
  • Budget planner
  • Keep vendor contacts in one list
  • Use across all devices with app
  • Free to use


Appy Couple

A fantastic feature of this is that you can create your own digital wedding invites and send them out! So time saving! Here are some more features we love:

  • Instant RSVP
  • Ready-to-go template designs
  • Communicate in app with guests via email
  • Assign privacy levels per guest
  • Use across all devices with app
  • Appy Boutique is £45, but Appy Luxury can set you back £145


See one you like? We hope you found some useful ideas here to help you with planning your special day.

If you’re considering a destination wedding in paradise, download our FREE wedding planning guide on Koh Tao and see just how we can help you!


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