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You’re looking for reasons why we’d be a good match for the biggest day of your life before you commit, and we understand that.  It’s not just about what a planner does for you, but how she does it and how she makes you feel throughout the process.

The process of hiring a destination wedding planner is similar to the process of choosing a good partner. 

If you’re wondering why you should choose Koh Tao or our services, we’re going to address all The Whys and The Hows right now.


GET ready TO GET excited        

GET             TO GET       

GET ready TO GET excited        


We believe you’re hiring us to do more than simply make your wedding day special; you’re hiring us to make your engagement AND wedding a fun, stress-free and beautiful experience. Our price points reflect the level of service, dedication, skill and quality you receive, and we believe these are important benefits in your decision-making process. As a small company, we stick to our values and vision of giving you an unrivaled experience for your wedding journey and we hope that you align with who we are, just like you did with your fiancé.  


Here’s what you need to know about us to determine if we’re a good match for you:

We don’t use an “assembly line” formula that we replicate for each wedding. Your experience is personalised, and we’re incredibly thorough and hands-on. Each and every wedding is bespoke, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the final look is exactly what you’ve dreamed of. With few limitations, we get stuff built, made and ordered wherever possible to ensure you have the finishing touches you desire.  

Your wedding isn’t a formula we replicate

You’re not going to have an intake call with a polished sales representative who knows all the right words to say. You’ll have a call with our founder, Caroline. She immerses herself as much in your wedding as she does in the culture and charm of the island; this means you’ll get to know her and she’ll get to know you on a professional and personal level so your wedding truly reflects your values and vision. Our first call is always to hear about your needs and vision and to see if we’re a good fit, not to push our services on you.

We believe in authentic communication and being personable

Piggybacking on point #2, because we offer a boutique service and hands-on coordination, we take on only a handful of weddings and engagements each year to ensure each one gets the utmost attention it deserves. 

We take on less weddings per year than other planners

Caroline has been living on Koh Tao for 7 years and founded Forever Lovestruck with over 10 years of event planning experience under her belt. She has also spent more than a decade in experiential marketing, helping consumers fully immerse themselves in brand experiences (not dissimilar from helping lovestruck couples immerse themselves in a remarkable destination wedding experience). 

You get over 10 years of event planning experience

One thing you must know about Koh Tao is that there are no wedding rental companies here and no “big box” stores, which means we have hand-selected and hand-sourced top quality decor, linens, furniture, lighting, drapery and cutlery options worldwide. We own all of our assets and you have access to them with our services. 

We don’t “do” wedding rentals

We believe having the best day AND the best planning experience is the ultimate goal. You’re planning from afar and if that process is stressful, it impacts your wedding experience. We have a very savvy online planning portal that allows us to stay seamlessly organised and connected with you in real time, and we give you access to it from the get-go. Caroline had a career as an Account Director for top UK events agencies so she coordinates and manages your wedding likes it’s a multi-million dollar account, because to her it is. 

We don’t believe having the best wedding day is the ultimate goal

Who says you can’t plan a beautiful wedding in a meaningful location AND enjoy the planning experience, all for the comfort of your own home?

Whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, a private villa ceremony, a luxury resort celebration, or anything in between, we help you find the best wedding venues and vendors and style your ceremony to create an unforgettable experience on Koh Tao.

Every wedding is different and we tailor-make a quote based on your exact requirements so you’re not locked into paying for services that aren’t necessary or that you don’t really want. 

Let Your Hair Down and Untether Your Free Spirit While We Plan Your Wedding on Koh Tao, Thailand 

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You arrive, have the time of your life and say “I do!” in paradise without a stress in the world.

Once you accept the proposal, sign your agreement and pay your deposit, we get your planning ball rolling. I’ll add you to Aisle Planner — our super savvy online planning portal — where we’ ll communicate in “real time” and stay up - to - date on the status of your wedding.

Within 48 hours from our call, we’ll put together a custom proposal and price based on what we discuss and email it to you.

Once you’ve read through our welcome guide, use the special link we send you to book a 30 - minute complimentary call on our calendar where we’ll talk about your complete vision and the level of planning support you’re interested in.

We typically reply within 24 hours and will send you a welcome guide that includes detailed information about the wide range of service options we have available for destination weddings.

Get in touch! Fill out our contact form, give us a call or get in touch with us via  WhatsApp or Facebook to find out about our Koh Tao wedding planning services.

Here’s What It Looks Like When You Work With Us to Create Your Koh Tao Destination Wedding: 


You arrive on the island and it’s time for your new adventure to unfold. You have your ceremony rehearsal and say “I do!”, and then spend as much time as you want soaking up the sun and your new married life.

Execute Your Adventure

We get busy organising, creating timetables, liaising with vendors and planning all of the details to smoothly and effortlessly execute your BIG day.

Create Your Experience

Once we have your vision solidified, we find your soul - mate vendors and “this is it!” venue. From your photographer to your baker to your stylist and more, we build the dream team that’s going to support you.

Build Your Tribe

Our communication is on-tap, so we have planning sessions and touch base frequently to get to know your wedding vision and fine tune all of the details. We share inspiration, discuss your budget and work through all of the nitty gritty.


There are Four Stages Forever Lovestruck Walks You Through to Give You Your Beautiful Destination Wedding Experience

at one with nature


READY TO KICK OFF YOUR HEELS, THROW OFF YOUR TIE AND BE                                                               AND EACH OTHER?

Relax knowing that you’ve committed to an intimate and romantic destination island wedding and the logistics are being handled with a bundle of care and attention.

Dream about the adventure that awaits as you say “I do!” among some of Thailand’s most stunning views, breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters.

Experience a wedding that fits your lifestyle, matches your personality and showcases your values.

Put another stamp in your passport, knowing that when it’s stamped again you’ll be MARRIED!

Meet new people, explore a new culture and discover remarkable hideaways with the one you love.

Spend your money where it matters most with Thailand’s competitive prices, and support local entrepreneurs, artisans, entertainers and more.

Get to work with someone who works as a team to guide you and support you, NOT a know-it-all planner who takes over everything and does what she wants.


- Lisa Williams, New Zealand

We found Forever Lovestruck (Caz) through a Google search and instantly loved her beachy boho / romantic styling – she had the right vibe we were looking for and we felt she knew what we wanted better than we did!  Caz really helped us to narrow down what was important to us - from venue to florals to styling and décor - she really nailed it!
Working with Forever Lovestruck was a truly enjoyable experience and the day itself went so smoothly. She is so friendly and easy to talk to and as soon as we booked her services we were so excited about our wedding day.

If you’re looking for a wedding planner on Koh Tao, Forever Lovestruck will literally plan your wedding to perfection... better than you can imagine yourself!

Forever Lovestruck will literally plan your wedding to perfection!

- Leanne Floyd, UK

It is so easy when you are planning a wedding to get caught up in the cost of everything, but what I got with Caz that I wouldn’t have had with a large wedding planning company was personal service. Nothing was too much trouble, even when the indecisive part of me kept changing my mind. My texts, emails and messages via her planning portal (which is fantastic and keeps you on track with everything) were replied to immediately and I was able to relax and fully trust that she would ensure that everything went brilliantly.  
The day was perfect! It wasn’t until my wedding day that I really understood how much Caz had done to make sure our day was perfect. All the hours she put in that aren’t billed and the love she puts into the event. Some people will just compare quotes from planners, but I would always stress to people that they need to also look at how much time their planner will spend going over and above.

“What I Got With “Caz” Was Personal Service.”

- Ralph Collings, UK

Caroline at Forever Lovestruck did an incredible job, making my proposal to my girlfriend a huge night to remember.  Throughout the planning and organisation I was kept in the loop via email and able to give feedback. On the night things couldn't have gone better. The setting was absolutely stunning. Needless to say my girlfriend , now fiance, said yes. Throughout the evening there were people on hand if we needed anything, but otherwise we were left to ourselves, exactly as I wanted for a very personal moment. In summary I can't recommend Forever Lovestruck highly enough!

"From Our First Contact She Understood Exactly What I Wanted."

- Linka Jenner, Australia

Where do I start! Caroline is such a beautiful person and knows how to style. Without me knowing she helped my partner organize the most breathtaking proposal dinner at our favorite restaurant on the island. When I first saw the private dinner setting that she styled it was like every girls dream. I had the pleasure of meeting with Caroline that night and she is such a genuine person. She has been living on the island for a few years and she knows everyone! Perfect if you really want either a proposal or wedding location that is special. She knows all the spots and can make any thing happen for you. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

“She Helped My Partner Organise the Most Breathtaking Proposal Dinner.”

- Monique, USA

My fiancé totally surprised me with his proposal on the beach at sunset. Caroline went above and beyond in all the details with fresh flowers, decor, lighting and drinks. Use Forever Lovestruck if you wanna impress your lady with a romantic proposal - I know I was, thanks Caroline you are the sweetest!

“Use Forever Lovestruck If You Wanna Impress Your Lady!”

- Jess Peterson, USA

We came across the Forever Lovestruck website while looking up Thai beach weddings. The website was easy to navigate and the personal stories from other couples is what got us hooked. I sent an inquiry and the next day I received a personal email from Caz. From there it was smooth sailing. Caz was the first wedding planner that we interacted with and rather than her accepting our business and payment over the internet, she scheduled a video consultation to ensure that we were a good fit. Her professionalism and genuine care and enthusiasm were the added assurances we needed to move forward. We immediately felt comfortable with Caz which was very important to us.
If you’re looking to get married on the island and not have to worry about any of the details and know that everything will be executed beautifully with love and care, Forever Lovestruck are for you!

"know that everything will be executed beautifully with love and care" 

- Stephne Severain, South Africa

We would not have known where to start without your help. You made everything so easy for us and we truly appreciate all you did. We know this is your job but you made yourself so available you became part of the family. Our trip to Thailand was more than we could ever have asked for. Thank you for welcoming us to Koh Tao island the moment our feet hit the shore. We will forever be grateful for everything you have done for us and will remain lifelong friend.

“You made everything so easy for us!”

- Monique, USA

My fiancé totally surprised me with his proposal on the beach at sunset. Caroline went above and beyond in all the details with fresh flowers, decor, lighting and drinks. Use forever Lovestruck if you wanna impress your lady with a romantic proposal - I know I was, thanks Caroline you are the sweetest!

“Use Forever Lovestruck If You Wanna Impress Your Lady!”

Caz is THE best. From the outset she was highly communicative - so easy to talk to and so responsive that it hardly seemed there was a time difference between us and her. Caz's attention to detail is surpassed by none. You can rest assured that she has thought about everything, including lots of things you hadn't- no rock will be left unturned. She really goes the extra mile to ensure that everything for your day is perfect, and as you wanted it to be.  If you're after wedding planners that truly love what they do, listen to what it is you're after and for it to show in the outcome of your day, Forever Lovestruck are the way to go. My wedding was PERFECT and they were there the whole way through. I can honestly say it would not have been the same without them!

"Caz's attention to detail is surpassed
 by none"


- Nicole Larsen, Norway

Caroline is extremely organised and produces very detailed work- it’s the feeling of having a 'fairy godmother'! Right from the start everything that was presented to us had an impressive level of detail, and was thoroughly thought through and fitted to our visions of our special day.  All of Forever Lovestruck’s equipment from the table décor and centrepieces, to the cutlery, to the incredible event lighting and all the finishing details are gorgeous – you can really tell that they have invested heavily in high quality equipment and décor items and haven’t compromised on this at all – everything was at such a high standard and felt very luxurious.  
The wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be and more! I would highly recommend Forever Lovestruck to any couples who are looking to have a highly personalised experience (Caroline really does look after you!) and a beautiful bespoke wedding on tropical Koh Tao.  

"everything was at such a high standard and felt very luxurious"