What to Include in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit is an item I consider essential as a seasoned wedding planner – I never leave anything to chance.  I always have a backup, whether it’s a physical item or an alternate plan in the wedding arrangements.  But what if you’re planning everything yourself?  Well that’s when you need to put together your own wedding day emergency kit – and not just the medical kind.

An emergency kit consists of all those little items that might rear their ugly head and you don’t want them causing disruptions to your perfect day.  Hair and make-up items, necessities for little repairs to your outfits and other miscellaneous items that you may not think about until the need arises are all key to being well organised.


Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

To be prepared in advance, check out my list of items you need in your emergency kit!  


Hair & Beauty

Hair Grips – These seem to multiply and get everywhere but you still need them. Keep a little bundle of them just in case.

Hairbrush – Just a mini one will do, but it’s great for keeping stray hairs at bay.

Hair Spray – Be extra vigilant with a few spritzes of the extra strong stuff!

Tweezers – Whether it’s a stray eyebrow, or just a weird hair sprouting from your chin, these will make quick work of it.

Spare Lippy or Balm – Lipsticks and glosses all wear off after time, especially after eating and drinking, no matter how good your make up was applied. A quick slick and you’re good to go again.

Waterproof Mascara – It’s a wedding and there will be tears! Be prepared with a quick top up for your lashes and no-one will ever know.

Face Powder or Oil Blotting Sheets – If it’s a hot day, faces are bound to get shiny. Blot with a sheet or a little powder and keep that flawless matte look.

Perfume – Take a mini atomizer of your fave fragrance just to top up throughout the day.

Deodorant/Anti-Perspirant – It can get ever so hot and stuffy under all that bridal gorgeousness, don’t get caught out – have a quick swipe of roll on.


A make-up artist using her wedding kit for bridal make-up on the wedding day.

Outfit Necessities

Mini Sewing Kit – Things happen, buttons and beads fall off. Show them who’s boss with your quick-fire sewing skills. Safety pins are a must!

Chalk/Talc/Stain Remover stick – Sometimes, you just cannot escape those spillages! Have these supplies nearby and stains will be no match for you.

Flat Shoes – Your wedding shoes are beautiful, but we bet they pinch a little, right? Slip into a pair of flatties when you start to feel that ache.

Clear Nail Polish – A dual purpose item. Chip your manicure? Here’s a temporary fix. Also, if you get an annoying ladder in your tights, quickly paint a bit of this on and it will run no more.

Lint Roller – Lint, dust, fluff – it all gets everywhere. If you’re equipped with one of these everyone will look super smart.


The details of accessories at a Koh Tao wedding with shoes, perfume, jewellery and flowers.

Other Bits & Bobs

Painkillers/Tums – Yes, you need these. It will be a super long day and headaches do occur. Stomach upsets are not ideal either so take some Tums if you feel a bit gurgly.

Sunscreen – If you’re saying ‘I do’ alfresco, some kind of sun protection is a must. We don’t want a lobster wedding party!

Water – Hydration is one of the most important things. You will be busy all day and getting a drink is not always possible, have a bottle of water on you or nearby for when you’re feeling a bit parched.

Hand Sanitiser – Now, more than ever, this is imperative. Make sure you’re not without this.

Phone Charger – Just in case, we would recommend one of those multi plug charging banks as you can guarantee that someone will need it! This can be great for digital cameras too.

Tissues – Like we said earlier, there will be tears. Whether they are yours or his, or the mother-in-law’s, it’s best to have a pack or two.  

Feminine Products – Setting up a mini bathroom kit with some feminine products is always a good idea.

Breath Mints/Toothpaste/Toothbrush – For that perfect moment when you kiss, make sure you stay minty fresh.

No ugly crying sign with a basket of tissues which are essential for a wedding day emergency kit!

My Personal ‘Can’t Do Without’ Items…

If you want to go all out and ensure that you have everything, here are some of my most essential items that come with me to every wedding which you may wish to include:

First Aid Kit – Paracetamol is a must-have in your kit. It’s also a good idea to have medication for indigestion or allergies. Eye drops are brilliant for anyone that may be affected by pollens from the flowers. Include band aids in case of new shoe blister syndrome, antiseptic and burn cream as well as ice packs. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Steamer – We in fact have two… a hand-held one for use on the day and a larger one for steaming linens ahead of time – we hate creases!

A selection of chalk pens + Sharpies & mini chalkboard signs –  If a sign needs touching up, no problem! Need to make a quick notice – easy!

Kids activity books I carry a small selection of girls and boys sticker books, just in case we need to keep the little ones occupied during the ceremony.

Umbrellas & Parasols – rain or shine, we ensure that guests are comfortable.


Production Kit (things a wedding planner needs)

Now, you don’t need to arrive with a complete tool-kit on your wedding day if you’ve hired a wedding planner or have rented an all inclusive venue  – they will handle this for you.

However, if you’re setting up a venue yourselves, then as well as the décor items, lighting and furniture, you will need a production kit.  The items below are what a professional wedding planner would carry to ensure they are covered for every eventuality.

Cable ties in various sizes and colours
Fishing wire + string
Ribbon (white & matching the wedding colour scheme)
Batteries (you can never have enough!)
Florist tape
Dress pins (for boxing tablecloths)
Spare fairy lights
Velcro / glue dots / gorilla tape / duct tape / double sided tape
Spare candles
Bin bags
Scissors / pruning sheers / wire cutters
Hammer / screwdriver / pliers
Cake cutter
Water spray bottle (for refreshing flowers)
Extension cables
Fully charged power banks and multiple phone charging cables
Bottle openers
Swiss army knife
Lighters + click and flame lighters
Tape measure
Battery powered speaker (in case of power cut)
And a spare of every décor and set up item!

Having an emergency kit means being prepared . . .

You might be thinking – woah, that IS a long list to have in your wedding day emergency kit. However, weddings are emotional days and everything may not go to plan. Remember that it’s always best to be prepared for the unexpected. You want your wedding day to go off without a hitch, so if you have the means to overcome any little hiccup during the day, then you’ll be only crying tears of joy, not tears of frustration. It will absolutely be so worth it!

As there are a lot of items to remember to ensure you’re wedding day goes to plan, we’ve created a beautiful checklist for you. You can download it here: Wedding Day Emergency Checklist



Pinterest pin of what to include in your wedding day emergency kit - wedding planner Caroline preparing decor in front of a table setting for a destination wedding in Koh Tao, Thailand