Why WOULDN’T You Hire a Wedding Planner?


Throughout our lives, we regularly employ others to help us pick our way through major (and minor!) events in our lives: an estate agent to help us to buy or sell our home, a car dealership to buy or sell our car, a travel agent/website to arrange our annual holiday, delivery companies to ease the effort of getting our purchases to our door, apps to help us get the best online deals, to name just a few. We use intermediaries practically every day to help us to achieve our objectives without even thinking about it. So when it comes to your wedding, why wouldn’t you hire a wedding planner?!

Your wedding day will be one of the most elaborate events that you’ll plan in your whole life, whether it’s an elopement, a simple affair, or something larger with all the bells and whistles. Whilst most of us brides-to-be would like to think that we can do everything and organise the Wedding of the Century as well as carrying on with our already ‘bursting-at-the-seams’ lives, the reality of planning a wedding soon hits home, and for those of us dreaming of a wedding in a far-off land, it can seem like an even more daunting task.

This is when having a wedding planner for your destination wedding will very quickly make you realise that having eyes, ears and feet in the locality are not only a necessity, but a true blessing! Not only will a wedding planner be dedicated to listening to what you want for your BIG day, they’re be able to guide you through what to expect at your selected destination, the legalities of getting married abroad and all those little things that only someone living in the locality will know.

Local Knowledge

Koh Tao Beach Wedding
Whether you know the destination or not, having a wedding planner who lives at your chosen destination, who understands the local culture and more importantly, knows who to contact and how to get things done, means that you can have your cake and eat it – literally!


Most of us will only arrange one wedding; a wedding planner arranges weddings of all varieties and sizes, so it makes sense that they really do know what they’re doing; so why not use that expertise to give you the wedding of your dreams.

Time Saving

It takes time to set a budget, research and liaise with venues and vendors, sort out the legalities, finalise those little (and big) details and actually make the decisions. Planning your destination wedding is so exciting, but it shouldn’t take over your life. You’ll still be in control, but let the wedding planner take on the stress so that you can enjoy the fun stuff!

Focus Your Vision

Koh Tao Wedding Planner

Forever Lovestruck Styled Photoshoot at POP Villas, Koh Tao.  Photography: The Film Company

You’ve got the magazines, seen weddings on social media, got your Pinterest board, bookmarked more sites than you need, and now you’re a little bit bewildered about what you really want! By listening to you and asking pertinent questions, your wedding planner will quickly cut to the chase and bring you back to what will truly make your dream destination wedding a reality.

Save You Money

I know what you’re thinking – how will hiring a wedding planner save me money when it’s another expense to add to the list? Yes, a wedding planner is another cost; however the amount of money that your planner will save you by getting better rates with local vendors, avoiding costly mistakes and making you stick to your budget, will be more than cover what you spend on their services.

Sorting Out Those Last Minute Hitches

It doesn’t matter how much planning has been done, there’ll always be a couple of last minute hiccups, but with a wedding planner, you’ll be blissfully unaware of them because this is what you’re paying for. So leave the missing chair, the lost lipstick and the forgotten tissues for your wedding planner to deal with, whilst you concentrate on spending the most blissful day with your beloved! Koh Tao Wedding Rustic Beach

Photography: Aidan Dockery Photography

I’ll be with you, every step of the way, to help you achieve the destination wedding that you and your groom-to-be most desire. What are you waiting for?! Let me make your dreams come true!

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