The Dos and Don’ts of an Elopement Wedding

Following on from our previous Blog “Should You Consider an Elopement Wedding”, we wanted to share our top Dos and Don’ts for elopement weddings because, let’s face it, there are going to be those within our inner circle of family and friends that would prefer you to marry at home; however, there are also going to be those that’ll be so excited to join you on your destination wedding, if you’ve decided to invite along a limited number of those you love to share your day with you.


1. Do have a Reveal Plan
Whether it’s before or after your BIG day, telling your family and your closest friends personally will go a long way to saving hurt feelings and getting them on board. Make sure you’ve planned what you’re going to say and ensure you’re both in agreement. You don’t have to explain yourselves, but consider their feelings when they realise that they may be missing out on seeing you on such an important day

2. Hire a Local Wedding Planner

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This is a no-brainer – even if it’s just the two of you, or a select group for friends and family, having a wedding planner at your destination is key to the smooth-running of your BIG day and to your peace of mind. And with access to their local knowledge and expertise, you’ll save yourself a whole heap of time, money and stress.

3. Get the Legal Stuff Sorted
Make sure you’ve covered all the legal aspects of getting your destination marriage legally recognised in your home country, and that you have all required documentation (and medical checks if required) that you need to take with you. Not all overseas marriages are automatically recognised in our home countries, so ensure that you check the options and legalities well in advance.

4. Inviting a Select Few
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Consider inviting your parents and/or besties to come with you on your destination wedding – nowadays an elopement wedding often includes taking a small, selected group of your loved ones with you; why not share your holiday of a lifetime with those that mean the most to you!

5. Hire a Photographer
As you’re going to be saving money by having an elopement wedding, do ensure that your budget includes a professional photographer (and/or videographer), so that not only you, but all your loved ones, get to see the true wonder of your BIG day.


1. Don’t Feel Guilty
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There can be a lot of guilt associated with deciding to elope as your nearest and dearest will be disappointed that they won’t be sharing your BIG day with you. Accept that not everyone is going to be happy with your decision, but try not to take it to heart. Once they’ve got used to the idea, do keep them updated on your progress and plans so that they feel involved. Why not find out if it’s possible to arrange a live feed for your ceremony? Even if it’s just someone with a phone or notebook, or better still a professional videographer, trust me, it’ll mean the world to your loved ones back at home.

2. Social Media No-No
If you really are doing the full-on elopement wedding or you’ve just told a select few, don’t just announce it on social media. Even if you’ve already told your family, there will still be others such as your closest friends who may be really, really hurt that you didn’t tell them personally beforehand. So let your besties know in advance and save the Facebook announcement for your acquaintances.

3. Don’t Forgot the After Party
Wedding Announcement
Just because you’ve decided to keep your wedding day small, doesn’t mean you don’t want to celebrate! Send out a marriage announcement with the details of your wedding day and the invites if you’re having a dinner/party/full-blown reception when you get home, so that everyone has something to look forward to.

4. It’s Still Your BIG Day
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Don’t feeling that you should downplay your wedding, just because you’ve decided on an elopement. Get excited! With just a few guests (or none at all), you’ll have room in your budget to really splash out to give yourselves a truly memorable day, whether it’s a stunning villa with full-on house staff to wait on you hand and foot, a private yacht to take sail you away, or round-the-world flight tickets! Spoil yourselves; after all, it’s your special day!

5. Don’t Leave Meeting Your Key Vendors Until Your Wedding Day
Meeting your hair/make-up stylist, wedding planner, photographer and celebrant prior to your wedding day is a good way to calm your nerves, to build your excitement and to make sure they get a sense of you and what you want from them on the day. So allow yourselves time to arrive and settle into your destination wedding location, and ensure you get your hair trials, meetings etc booked in before you arrive.

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No matter what type of wedding you decide on, you’d be very fortunate if you managed to please absolutely everyone. As long as you and your significant other are fully on board with having an elopement wedding at your dream destination, the rest will soon fall into line!

If you’re considering an elopement wedding, have a look at our elopement page or contact us to arrange a virtual cuppa tea and a chat.