A Koh Tao Proposal

There was a pretty ring, a couple in love and a tropical beach… read Matt and Linka’s proposal story from the beautiful island of Koh Tao

The Couple
Matt, 28 years old and Linka, 29 years old.
Matt and Linka Koh Tao Proposal .jpg
The Proposal Venue
Whitening Bar & Restaurant, Mae Haad, Koh Tao.

Utterly romantic with a beachside view.
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How did you meet?
L: I moved into a house share in Brisbane, with some girls I didn’t know, and they had a house warming/birthday party. Matt was friends with one of the girls there and we met in the kitchen – we didn’t stop talking all night!  This was four and a half years ago.

Where you do live?
M: We live in Brisbane. I’m a school teacher and teach all subjects to 11 year old kids. It’s a really rewarding job – it’s the school holidays now, hence why we are here now.
L: I was a hairdresser, but now I work as a valuation coordinator for residential property on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

What brought you to Koh Tao?
L: We loved it the first the time we came over here two years ago – it’s all about the lifestyle by the water, the diving, the lovely weather and the beachside bungalows. We love the rustic style of the bungalows all along the water front.
M: For me this is by far my favourite place in Thailand.
L: It was funny as the first time we arrived it was dark and we couldn’t really see anything – we checked into our room feeling a bit uncertain, but then we waited until the morning, opened our bungalow terrace doors and the view out to sea was incredible – it was just perfect. We fell in love with the island in that instant.
M: We love the rustic, laid-back style as we are both essentially country kids and grew up by the beach – we love that simple, easy-going lifestyle.
Koh Tao Bungalows.jpg
Tell us about your trip

M: Well, this trip was a bit of spontaneous one – we were going for a short holiday and wanted a week and a half of total relaxation. Our workload has been pretty full on this year and with Linka’s new job there have been a lot of changes, so this was the perfect place to take a much needed break.
L: We just wanted a place where we could switch off, with nobody else around and just relax.  After our trip here, we’re off to Adelaide for a few days in a winery before heading back home – it’s going to be lovely – with lots of wine tasting!

How did you feel on the day you knew you were going to propose?
M: I was super excited, but still very nervous.
Forever Lovestruck: You knew she’d say yes?
M: I did, but there were still the nerves!

How did you propose?
M: I’d prepared a little speech and got down on one knee.
L: I started to cry, but then I got really excited!
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Was it a surprise when Matt proposed?

L: Yes – definitely! I had an idea that it would eventually happen, but I didn’t know when. I really didn’t think that Matt would have the courage to travel with a ring, all the way to another country and, that at any time, I could go looking for something in his bag and I could stumble across it. Plus he met you at 6.30am to ‘go for a run’ and planned everything without me knowing – it was perfect!
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What did you think of the romantic set up?

L: The first thing we said was “Wow”!
M: I think we said “Wow”, like ten times! We were speechless!
L: I know this sounds corny, but it’s a girl’s dream for a beautiful, romantic dinner…the lights, the candles, the whole setting – I felt like a princess. But more than that…when we were sat there, I was thinking ‘This is actually happening! This is ours! We’re not watching other people get engaged…this is for us!’ It was so special.
L: I loved the little details like the gold cutlery, rather than the restaurant stock – it felt special – like bringing out the china for special occasions. But it wasn’t too much – I’ve seen loads of things over done with just too much stuff– it was tasteful, romantic, subtle and utterly romantic.
M: That attention to detail was spot on – really on point. And Whitening [restaurant] is really special to us – we’d eaten there the last time we came and loved it, so knew that we wanted to return. It was the perfect setting for us.

Gold Plate Setting Wedding Proposal .jpg    Forever Lovestruck Weddings Koh Tao Romantic Lighting .jpg

How did you find Forever Lovestruck?
M: I did a Google search and from that initial email and conversation with Forever Lovestruck, I knew it was you who I wanted to go with. You were really warm and friendly and nothing was too much trouble; I knew we could make it happen!  You were very professional and I had a sense of security with you – I knew straight away that you would do an amazing job.

What would you say to somebody who was thinking about proposing on Koh Tao?
M: Do it! Perfect place…so many little hidden coves, small beaches, beautiful island life. It’s something that you can’t get back home without a million tourists invading your space. There’s nothing better than being on a tiny island where you feel like it’s just the two of you – it’s just the perfect place.

Seculded Beach Koh Tao.jpg

What are your plans for getting married?
M: We’ve not really thought about it too much.
L: As I’ve worked as a hairdresser for years, I have!  I’ve had the privilege of working on bridal hair over the years so you get to see lots of different venues, and if I ever did meet anybody, which I now have, I do have a beautiful venue in mind.  And we’ve had a few friends who have got married in the last couple of years, so you do start to think about what you might like for your BIG day.
I have very good friend, Jo, who is an old family friend – my parents have been friends with her for years and I used to play at her house as a child with her children – it’s like an extended family. She’s converted her home and land into a wedding venue in Byron Bay and it’s beautiful. I’d love to do it there…it just makes sense with such strong family ties.

Congratulations Matt and Linka! The team at Forever Lovestruck felt very privileged to be asked to provide the setting for Matt’s proposal, and we’d like to wish them all the very best for their impending nuptials!

Matt and Linka will be getting married at Forget Me Not Farm, Byron Bay, Australia.

Proposal Venue:  Whitening Bar and Restaurant, Koh Tao

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