Totally ROCK your wedding reception on Koh Tao with beautiful event lighting!


Light up your love and wow your guests!

There’s nothing quite like cozying up to your OH on the sofa with your subtle ‘warm light’ lamps on, to create the perfect mood for a romantic night in. Whether you’re watching a movie, or just catching up on the day’s events, nobody wants to feel like they have (quite literally), a spot light on them. It’s no big secret – bad lighting can totally kill the moment.

The same goes for weddings – it’s frequently an overlooked element and often not seen on planning checklists, but it’s vital to think about how to set the mood and tone of your reception so that everybody feels relaxed and comfortable.

Have a look at our magical lighting setups at our styled photo shoot at POP Villas, Koh Tao.
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POP Villa Weddings Koh Tao

You don’t want to get to your BIG DAY and then realise that the venue’s lighting is on the fluorescent side of comfortable, leaving you and your guests feeling like you’re eating in your local fast food restaurant. Or, perhaps your wedding dinner is on the beach and there isn’t quite enough lighting to make an impact and you’re all struggling to see what is on your plate.

It does bear thinking about; what is available to you and what impact will it make at your venue once the sun goes down?

Lighting backdrop wedding lighting Koh Tao.jpgKoh Tao wedding LightingKoh Tao Weddings

Koh Tao Wedding Planner

We, at Forever Lovestruck, have the perfect solution for you; whether you’re hosting your wedding on the beach, in a private villa or at a luxury resort, we have a range of options to fit the bill to transform your space into something spectacular.
Hanging Lights - Weddings on Koh TaoAmazing Wedding Lighting Koh Tao.jpgHanging Lanterns Weddings Koh Tao.jpgLove Lighting on Koh Tao

Wedding Fairy Lights Koh Tao Wedding

Lighting: Forever Lovestruck
Photography:  The Film Company
Villa:  POP Villas, Koh Tao

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