Top 10 Activities for You and Your Guests to Discover on Koh Tao

You may be wondering if there’s enough to do on a small island like Koh Tao (at 7km x 3km we’re pretty small), but what we lack in physical land mass, we more than make up for in individuality and inventiveness! To ensure you’ve got plenty of things to keep your guests (and yourselves!) entertained during your time on Koh Tao, we’ve come up with our Top 10 things to do:

1. Indulge in a Thai Massage
Who could come to Thailand and NOT experience an authentic Thai massage?  With many family-run businesses on the island, with prices and facilities ranging from budget beach hut to luxury spa days, you’ll be spoilt for choice.
At Forever Lovestruck, we have, of course, gone out of our way to test out many places on the island (it’s a hard life sometimes!), so we can recommend the best option for your personal preferences.  We’d be delighted to arrange a bespoke couples’ massage in the privacy of your accommodation, a luxury spa and pool day for the bride and bridesmaids, or a visit to one of the rustic, beachside huts where you can hear the gentle lapping of the waves whilst having your troubles massaged away.
Watergate Spa Koh Tao .jpg

Photo Credit: Watergate Spa, Koh Tao 

2. Take the Plunge and Try Scuba Diving
Koh Tao is well known as a diving mecca, so what trip wouldn’t be complete without a dip below the waves?! With one-day ‘try’ dives’ available, as well as several options to get your first level of certification, why not start your married life with an adventure you’ll never forget?  With plenty of operators on the island, we’ve hand-picked only those that offer one-on-one tuition, private boat hire and strictly adherence to agency dive standards. Of course, if you want the full dive school experience, we can sort that too.
master divers.jpg

Photo Credit:  Rob Kelly,  Master Divers 

3. Get Wet and Go Snorkelling
For those who want something a little more relaxing, Koh Tao offers an array of snorkelling opportunities, both from the beach and from boats. Jump on a taxi and take your wedding party over to Aow Leuk or Tanote Bay for the day to wonder at the beautiful reefs with all their colourful fish, as well as soaking up the sun (make sure you’re wearing sun cream).  Or, if you want to experience the high seas, let us arrange a round-the-island day trip for you and your guests, so you can snorkel at several different spots as well as enjoying a tasty lunch of home-cooked Thai cuisine.
Koh Tao Snorkelling

4. Play ‘Footpool’
Yes, you read that correctly – Footpool! No, it’s not a pool to cool off your feet, it’s a game of pool, but with footballs! Brought to Koh Tao by Leisure Park’s owner, Steve Williams, ‘footpool’ is a laugh-a-minute experience that will satisfy both the pool players and footballers amongst your wedding party!  With a highly entertaining twist to your standard crazy golf courses, you and your guests can ‘putt’ away the afternoon or evening before delving into the delicious menu at the on-site restaurant, The Hacienda. Offering international dishes cooked fresh to order, the portion sizes will satisfy even the biggest of appetites. If you fancy something informal for a pre or post wedding party, we can arrange a BBQ buffet or DIY BBQ in the grounds of The Hacienda with games included!

Photo Credit:  Koh Tao Leisure Park

5. Hike Through the Jungle to a Viewpoint
Koh Tao is blessed with many outstanding viewpoints: a few you can drive to, some are an easy amble and others a strenuous two or three hour hike. Most of the paths are easy to find and if you’re an experienced hiker, you’ll find some adventurous trails with the reward of panoramic views of the island.

As an alternative, we thoroughly recommend the guided tours provided by During their half or full day tours, you’ll experience some of the hidden gems of Koh Tao, and learn about local culture and traditions making this a perfect trip for you and all your guests.  Their itinerary is jammed packed with all the best viewpoints and snorkelling spots, ending with a socialable sunset cocktail on Sariee beach.  Tell us if you’d like a tour designed specifically for your group and we’ll sort the details for you as part of your wedding itinerary.
wow john suwan.jpg

 Photo Credit:  Wow Koh Tao 

6. Visit the New Temple
In 2016 so began the building of Koh Tao’s new main temple and it’s a beauty to behold! Situated just outside Mae Haad on the main road to Sairee, this spectacular white, red and gold edifice is simply stunning, and a sight not to be missed.  Please note the temple and its surroundings are home to our local monks and is highly revered by the local community. Should you want to visit the temple, please dress respectfully (females should cover their sholders) and ask permission to take photos.
Koh Tao Temple Wedding

Photo Credit: Aidan Dockery Photography

7. Learn to Cook Your Favourite Thai Dish
Having done this as part of my wedding itinerary, I can absolutely recommend taking a Thai cookery course with Idjang, a warm and welcoming Thai lady whose restaurant is one of my favourites.
Starting in the morning with a visit to the local stalls and shops to buy the produce, Idjang will skilfully lead you through the nuances of preparing a perfectly seasoned and balanced Thai menu to wow your friends back home.  After beavering away in the kitchen all morning, you’ll settle down to a hearty Thai feast, prepared and cooked by your very own hand. Let me know your favourite Thai dishes and together with Idjang, we’ll agree a menu for your master class!
Idjangs Kitchen.jpg

Photo Credit:  Idjang’s Kitchen

8. Discover New Adventure Sports
As well as diving, Koh Tao is home to a great selection of other adventure sports, including:
• Kayaking
• Paddle boarding
• Rock climbing
• Bouldering
• Cliff jumping
• Aerial Trapeze
• Deep sea fishing
• Muay Thai (Thai Boxing).
No matter what the ages, abilities, likes or dislikes of you and your guests, we’ll be able to help you put together an action-packed, or relaxed, destination wedding itinerary to suit you all.
Flying Trapeze Koh Tao .jpg

Photo Credit: Flying Trapeze Adventures

9. Experience The Sunsets
Something I never tire of on Koh Tao are the sunsets. To just sit there and let the majestic beauty of our sunsets wash over me is simply magical. There’s no other way to describe it.  Just as every day is different, each sunset I witness is uniquely remarkable, and every once in a while I have to pinch myself to remember just how lucky I am to have this on my doorstep.  Whether you want to experience the sheer beauty of our sunsets whilst sipping a cocktail at a beach bar, or relaxing on your balcony whilst our private chef is preparing a sumptuous dinner for two, or from your own private boat charter surrounded by all your wedding guests, we’re here to help you and your loved ones feel just the way we do.
Koh Tao sunset

The refill is on its way!

10. Say “I Do”!
Whilst we may be just slightly biased, we genuinely believe that Koh Tao is a stunning location for your boho destination wedding. With rustic beachside venues, breathtaking views, local charm, intimate hideaways, fabulous cuisine, individually crafted villas, white sandy beaches and a host of adventurous activities to suit everyone, we have it all. So if you’re looking for a wedding destination that’s off the beaten path, is fun, tropical and friendly, then look no further than Koh Tao!
Koh Tao Wedding

Photo Credit: Aidan Dockery Photography

With so much to do and experience here on Koh Tao, let’s start planning your wedding itinerary, and ensure you and your guests receive the full Koh Tao destination wedding experience!

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