Boutique Wedding Planning Services | Koh Tao, Thailand
You might be toying with the idea of eloping because planning a large and elaborate wedding is overwhelming, or just not your style.

In fact, if you’ve secretly thought, or even said:
“I want our wedding to be about us.”

“At big weddings, brides and grooms spend all of their time entertaining guests instead of with each other.”

 “Less is more.”

“I want a beautiful dress, great food and a wonderful experience, but I don’t want the stress of seating charts, wedding invitations and all of the planning.”

“I want our wedding to be meaningful and intimate.”

“I want to do something unconventional that fits us as a couple.”

“I love to travel, meet new people and explore new places…”

You maybe the perfect couple to elope and get married on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Be Free to Feel and Act in Whatever Way Comes Naturally, and Do What You Love with the One You Love

At Forever Lovestruck, we help you plan an intimate wedding tailored to your needs. From wild flowers to breathtaking photographs to feasting on local dishes, we help you create the experience that matters most to you.

You may choose to:  
•    Hire a private villa, get married on the sundeck with panoramic views looking out to sea and celebrate romantically with a private chef who cooks your first meal as a married couple
•    You may want to feel the sand between your toes as you pledge your forevers on a quiet beach, followed by a romantic meal in one of Koh Tao’s top restaurants.

However you say “I do,” you get to do it your way - together.
You bring the love; we bring the rest.
Ready to learn more about planning a “just us” wedding on Koh Tao, Thailand and creating an exotic and intimate wedding experience?

Yes I am!