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When my friend asked me to be her Maid of Honour (and only bridesmaid), I was delighted…and terrified! What did I have to do? What would the bride’s expectations of me be? What would the rest of the guests expect of me? OMG…I had to organise the Hen Party!  My biggest concern was that it was a destination wedding, so I wouldn’t be able to check things out in person beforehand. As with the majority of destination weddings, it’s pretty normal that most of the guests won’t have been to the destination, so for them it was going to be a great holiday with the added bonus of a wedding. For the wedding party, it’s also going to be super exciting, but there will be a number of additional steps that they’ll need to plan for as they may not be personally familiar with the location, or know what to expect regarding the local culture.
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I was lucky – I had previously lived at the destination and the bride, groom and most of the guests were still residing there; so at least I knew what to expect, but I was now living in the UK…!! How was I going to be a supportive bridesmaid from a distance? As it turned out, it didn’t really make any difference – it’s not uncommon for brides and their bridesmaids to live in different parts of the country; so just like them, we messaged, Pinterested and WhatsApp called…a lot!

Wedding Planning.jpgCоngrаtulаtіоnѕ on your engagement! You’re going to be busy over the coming months, and by now you may have started stockpiling bridal magazines, have your wedding Pinterest board set up, downloaded several wedding apps, spent your lunchtimes glued to your phone researching pretty much ANYTHING wedding related and already discussed details of your dream wedding with your best friends over a glass of wine (or two)...several times!

It’s so easy to get carried away, without really even knowing where to start…especially in the initial stages of planning. So take a breath, grab yourself a cuppa or a glass of wine (we won’t judge!) and check out our Top 10 tips to guide уоu thrоugh the рlаnnіng рrосеѕѕ so that it becomes a breeze!  


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The very first task is to share your exciting news with the world! But before you update your status on Facebook, or select the perfect ‘ring’ photo for Instagram, your parents and immediate family should be the first to learn of your engagement. If you’re not able to tell them in person, schedule phone calls so that they all hear about it on the same day. Once the VIPs have been told, then you can go about sharing the happy news with friends and colleagues.

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Weddings are magical no matter where you decide to host your big day; so what happens if you choose to embrace somewhere out of the ordinary?  A tropical island paradise, a winter igloo or even perhaps a luxury motor yacht? Here’s our not to be missed top tips when planning your destination wedding, which will ensure that both you and your guests feel like royalty on your special day and throughout your wedding trip.

When it comes to beach weddings, heels are most definitely overrated. Whether you chose to wear sandals or go barefoot, it’s the one place where formal wear will look out of place; so kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes and forget you ever voluntarily wore high heels!

Check out our alternatives so that your tootsies look wedding ready and as pretty as a picture.

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If you're currently planning your wedding, you will have without doubt come across hundreds of blogs packed full of advice and tips for just about any aspect of wedding planning.  With a growing number of top wedding blogs available, bloggers continue to push their imagination and our aspirations to the next level, providing their own unique take on the wedding planning process.  Lucky us!  At a click of a button we have access to entire libraries of images, styling guides, planning tips, the latest trends and access to REAL weddings! 

I’ve put together a list of my favourite wedding bloggers who ooze inspiration and offer up tons of tips to plan the wedding of your dreams, no matter what the theme, style, budget or location. Some of the sites are the most popular and trafficked bloggers on the Web, while others are smaller bloggers with a unique point of view that really touch my heart.   

Rock and Roll Bride

Rock and Roll Bride

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Have you, like so many other brides, agonised over your wedding stationery? Hammered or Flat Card stock? Script or modern typeface? Is it cream or ivory? The options and decisions are endless, however it is important as you are setting the tone for your wedding day the moment you send out your ‘save the dates’ or invitations.
You want to get it right. You want your guests to get excited and talk about the upcoming day. You want to create a buzz. After all – it is your BIG day!