Boutique Wedding Planning Services | Koh Tao, Thailand
The process of hiring a destination wedding planner is similar to the process of choosing a good partner. You’re looking for reasons why we’d be a good match for the biggest day of your life before you commit, and we understand that.
It’s not just about what a planner does for you, but how she does it and how she makes you feel throughout the process. Here’s what you need to know about us to determine if we’re a good match for you:
  • We pour a significant amount of time, energy, resources and creative artistry into your wedding - We believe you’re hiring us to do more than simply make your wedding day special; you’re hiring us to make your engagement AND wedding a fun, stress-free and beautiful experience. Our price points reflect the level of service, dedication, skill and quality you receive, and we believe these are important benefits in your decision-making process. As a small company, we stick to our values and vision of giving you an unrivaled experience for your wedding journey and we hope that you align with who we are, just like you did with your fiancé.

  • Your wedding isn’t a formula we replicate - We don’t use an “assembly line” formula that we replicate for each wedding. Your experience is personalised, and we’re incredibly thorough and hands-on. Each and every wedding is bespoke, and we go to great lengths to ensure that the final look is exactly what you’ve dreamed of. With few limitations, we get stuff built, made and ordered wherever possible to ensure you have the finishing touches you desire.
  • We believe in authentic communication and being personable - You’re not going to have an intake call with a polished sales representative who knows all the right words to say. You’ll have a call with our founder, Caroline. She immerses herself as much in your wedding as she does in the culture and charm of the island; this means you’ll get to know her and she’ll get to know you on a professional and personal level so your wedding truly reflects your values and vision. Our first call is always to hear about your needs and vision and to see if we’re a good fit, not to push our services on you.

  • We take on less weddings per year than other planners - Piggybacking on point #2, because we offer a boutique service and hands-on coordination, we take on only a handful of weddings and engagements each year to ensure each one gets the utmost attention it deserves.
  • You get over 10 years of event planning experience - Caroline has been living on Koh Tao for 7 years and founded Forever Lovestruck with over 10 years of event planning experience under her belt. She has also spent more than a decade in experiential marketing, helping consumers fully immerse themselves in brand experiences (not dissimilar from helping lovestruck couples immerse themselves in a remarkable destination wedding experience).

  • We don’t believe having the best wedding day is the ultimate goal - We believe having the best day AND the best planning experience is the ultimate goal. You’re planning from afar and if that process is stressful, it impacts your wedding experience. We have a very savvy online planning portal that allows us to stay seamlessly organised and connected with you in real time, and we give you access to it from the get-go. Caroline had a career as an Account Director for top UK events agencies so she coordinates and manages your wedding likes it’s a multi-million dollar account, because to her it is.

  • We don’t “do” wedding rentals - One thing you must know about Koh Tao is that there are no wedding rental companies here and no “big box” stores, which means we have hand-selected and hand-sourced top quality decor, linens, furniture, lighting, drapery and cutlery options worldwide. We own all of our assets and you have access to them with our services.
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